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Top Strength Articles

  • Fire, Kettlebells, and a Man Named Tom Corrigan

    Fire, Kettlebells, and a Man Named Tom Corrigan

    How Kettbells and Firefighting Shaped Tom Corrigan's Training Methodology

    Tom Corrigan is not just any kettlebell instructor, his thirst for knowledge began as a high school athlete and continued with a Masters Degree from Western Washington University. He is currently a firefighter for the city of Everett, Washington. In his many adventures across the globe, he’s trained with Pavel Tsatsouline, Dimitri Satiev, Mikhail Marshak, Valery Fedorenko, Dennis Vasiliev, Igor Morozov, Sergey Rachinskiy, Vladimir Tikhonov, Sergey Rudnev, and the legendary Sergey Mishin. He’s the coach behind the coach, and is often called upon do diagnose and analyze training templates and technical issues. He’s coached both football and wrestling so the transition to teaching kettlebell lifting is not merely a passing fancy. He’s got both the pedigree and the time under the bells.

Top Conditioning Articles

  • Use these 24 Battle Rope Exercises for full body conditioning!

    The Top 24 Battle Rope Exercises for Conditioning

    Single Wave, Double Wave, & Pull Battle Rope Exercises for Full Body Conditioning.

    Battle Rope Exercises are some of the most high intensity drills you can find, and here are 24 variations of them! During this video, you'll find multiple variations using single rope waves, double rope waves, and the little-used (but insanely beneficial) rope pull variations.

New Kettlebell Workouts

  • Juggernaut Kettlebell Workout #1

    The first Juggernaut Kettlebell Workout involves challenging kettlebell strength sets and a high intensity conditioning circuit.

  • Juggernaut Kettlebell Workout #2

    The second Juggernaut Kettlebell Workout involves upper body parallette strength work, lower body kettlebell work, and full body conditioning.

Latest News

  • My Mad Methods Magazine Looks vs Function Edition

    NEWS: My Mad Methods Magazine Apr/May 2014 Looks VS Function Edition Released

    The April/May 2014 Edition of My Mad Methods Magazine focuses on comparing training for looks versus training for function. This issue is packed with content about about how functional training with kettlebells, sandbags, odd objects, etc differs from training for physique, as well as how unconventional training could be used to enhance looks.