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  • Is Kettlebell Training Better Than Barbell Training?

    Is Kettlebell Training Better Than Barbell Training?

    Get this common question answered with Doug Fioranelli's advice!

    You have $300 you got from your grandma on your birthday burning a hole in your pocket and you have to decide between either a barbell set or some kettlebells to furnish your dorm room. Let strength coach and Rise Above Performance Training Gym owner Doug Fioranelli help you make the decision a little easier.

Top Conditioning Articles

  • The Machine Training Princple

    The Machine Training Princple

    Training Principles for Function, Peformance, & Longevity

    When you hear the word "machine," what do you think of? Probably a goofy robot, or a mechanical arm, or maybe your car, but certainly not your body. Well, it's time you started. Did you know that one of the definitions of the word "machine" is an intricate natural system or organism, such as the human body?

New Kettlebell Workouts

  • Juggernaut Kettlebell Workout #1

    The first Juggernaut Kettlebell Workout involves challenging kettlebell strength sets and a high intensity conditioning circuit.

  • Juggernaut Kettlebell Workout #2

    The second Juggernaut Kettlebell Workout involves upper body parallette strength work, lower body kettlebell work, and full body conditioning.

Latest News

  • My Mad Methods Magazine Looks vs Function Edition

    NEWS: My Mad Methods Magazine Apr/May 2014 Looks VS Function Edition Released

    The April/May 2014 Edition of My Mad Methods Magazine focuses on comparing training for looks versus training for function. This issue is packed with content about about how functional training with kettlebells, sandbags, odd objects, etc differs from training for physique, as well as how unconventional training could be used to enhance looks.