The Primal 6 Method Body Weight Workout

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The Primal 6 Method Body Weight Workout

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Jon Celis, owner of AbsoluTraining and My Mad Methods Contributor, demonstrates a bodyweight circuit using a series of bodyweight exercises according to his Primal 6 Method. The method is explained in his article titled: The Primal 6 Method: Creating Killer Bodyweight Workouts featured in the Oct/Nov 2011 Issue of the My Mad Methods Magazine.

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Exercise Steps

Rest as little as possible between exercises. Rest 30-60 seconds between sets.

A1: Sprint - 3 x 50ft
A2: Aztec Push Up - 3 x 10
A3: Handstand Walk - 3 x 20ft
A4: Burpee to 360 Jump - 3 x 10
A5: Headstand - 3 x 30-60sec
A6: Alternating 1-Arm Push Up - 3 x 5-10 on each side

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