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Top Strength Articles

  • Forth Dimension Kettlebell Workout Plan

    Forth Dimension Kettlebell Workout Plan: Part I

    Greg Mihovich explains the benefits of kettlebell training, progressive kettlebell exercises, and kettlebell planning.

    If you want to get serious about kettlebell training, it's time get get the facts. Greg Mihovich walks you through the benefits of kettlebell training, kettlebell exercises from basic to advanced, a complete kettlebell workout plan, and even how to construct kettlebell workouts for advanced users.

Top Conditioning Articles

  • Scorpion Progressions: Bodyweight Agility & Conditioning

    Scorpion Progressions: Bodyweight Agility & Conditioning

    This key bodyweight exercise will quickly enhance your agility on the ground.

    Joey Alvarado, former pro MMA fighter, MMA Coach, and Kettle-Jitsu inventor, discusses a dynamic bodyweight drill called the Scorpion exercise. Joey goes through four progressively more difficult variations of the Scorpion Drill, incorporating elements of flexibility, agility, strength, and conditioning. This includes both detailed written instructions, step-by-step pictures, and a how-to demonstration video.

New Kettlebell Workouts

  • Juggernaut Kettlebell Workout #1

    The first Juggernaut Kettlebell Workout involves challenging kettlebell strength sets and a high intensity conditioning circuit.

  • Juggernaut Kettlebell Workout #2

    The second Juggernaut Kettlebell Workout involves upper body parallette strength work, lower body kettlebell work, and full body conditioning.

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